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Botanical Name : Asparagus racamosa.

Family: Liliaceae

Kingdom: Plantae

Description: It is a Climbing plant which grows in low jungles area throughout India. Well, developed root buckers are white, sweet and bitter herbs. The flowers having fragrance, whites color spikes. Its leaves are thin and pine needles like.

Benefits : 

  1. It supports normal functions of the immune system and digestive system.
  2. it decreases the systems of the menopausal system such as hot flashes,
  3. Natural antioxidant
  4. Solves the male problems .
  5. it is very beneficial to cure  premenstrual diseases (PMD) and pelvic inflammatory diseases
  6. All the menstrual problems like amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, and leucorrhea get cure.
  7. It also increases the immunity power.

Musli : 

Botanical Name: Chrophytum Bonxillianum

Family: Asparagaceae

Kingdom: Plantae

Description:  It is herb with lanceolate leaves, from the tropical wet forest in the peninsular part of India. Its root contains saponin with has medicinal chemical properties of enhancing vitality.


Benefits : 

  1. Improve erectile dysfunction.
  2. Nocturnal emission.
  3. Treat Oligospermia.
  4. This has been used for ages  to cure certain male difficulties
  5. It treats diabetes according to the strength and weight of a person.
  6. Reduces the internal weakness as well as fatigue ness.
  7. Enhance the immune system, So that the body gets a fight with diseases.
  8. It enhances milk production in breastfeeding mother

Bala (Central nervous system )

Botanical Name: Sida  Cordifolia

Family: Malvaceae

Kingdom: Plantae

Description: it is the erect perennial that reaches 50 -200 cm in tall hight, with the entire plant covered with soft white, fell like hairs that are responsible for the common name flannel weed. Steams of yellow, green, hairy long and cylindrical.

Benefits : 

  1. The plant used for the Central Nervous system and heart.
  2. It increases body stamina.
  3. It helps to reduce the inflammation of the respiratory system and stomatitis.
  4. This herb is helpful for increasing the quality and quantity of the seed  .

Vang Bhasam is ayurvedic herbal medicine. It is prepared at a high degree heating temperature of tin and purification done simantianously . It is used in the form of powder.

Benefits : 

  1. It improves stamina.
  2. Generalized weakness
  3. Improve a short time period.

Salam Panja 

Botanical Name: Dactylorhiza hatagirea

Family: Orchidaceae

Kingdom: Plante

Description: It available in the hilly area . It is an erect perennial herb with a long flowering . These flowers are having great potential to treat the male problem.

Benefits : 

  1. It strengthens the male glands, increases the stamina in men.
  2. It acts as a menstrual stimulant.
  3. lower the Cholesterol level
  4. L-dopa extracted from the plant can treat Parkinson’s diseases.


Botanical Name : Argyreia speciosa


Kingdom: Plantae

Description: It is a medicine of plant also known as elephant creeper . The thin roots are 5 to 25 mm in diameter .It ‘s stem white and tommemtose in a young stage .It older stem is so thick shows vertical ridges and numerous lenticels. Its seeds are more or less triangular flat and slight concave on both sides

Benefits : 

  1. Having anti-aging properties.
  2. Increase the sperm count.
  3. Improve the strength.
  4. It reduces hyperglycemic index
  5. It has some chemical properties to protect the hepatomegaly.

Vidhari Kand 

Botanical Name : Pueraria tuberosa

Family: Fabaceae

Kingdom: Plantae

Description: It is climbing coiling and trailing with large tuberous root . Leaves are trifoliate and alternate while the leaftlet is egg-shaped. The tubers are globose or port from inside in white and starchy.

Benefits : 

  1. Improve body strength endurance as well as increase the vitality.
  2. Fighting with mental stress.
  3. Helpfull in urine infection .


Botanical Name : Asteracantha longifolia


Kingdom: Plantae

Description: It is a spiny, stout, annual herbs, Growing to hight up to 3 to 5 feet. It is found in waterlogged. Its seeds are ovate, Flat and compressed at the base when it places in soaked water to get coated with mucilage immediately.It contains semi-drying oil.

Benefits : 

  1. It helpful in reducing the inflammation of joints.
  2. this herd treats abdominal diseases like splenomegaly in an effective manner.
  3. it can even be used to improve the strength of the body.
  4. It increases hemoglobin.


Botanical Name : Myristica fragrans

Family: Myristicaceae

Kingdom: Plantae

Description: It is a small aromatic tree. Its seeds are egg-shaped. The Flowers are small pale yellow in color and fruits of this plant are small scented, smooth and oval shape. It fruits having hard covering on the nutmeg seed.

Benefits : 

  1. It is very beneficial for stimulates the lust  .
  2. Reduce body pain.(Anaglisc )
  3. It has anti-inflammatory action and reduces the inflammatory on the body.
  4. This is used for reducing the cholesterol in the blood.

Caunch Beej

Botanical Name : Mucuna Pruriens

Family: Fabaceae

Description: It is an annual climbing shrub with long vines that can reach over 15 meters in length . When the plant is young is mostly covered with cozy hairs. The leaves tripinnate, Ovate or Rhombide. In the young plant both sides the leaves are heavy.

Benefits : 

  1. These seeds are a natural source of levodopa that help in brain functioning
  2. Supports the overall central nervous system.
  3. These seeds maintain posture and physical balance of the body
  4. Reduce stress and anxiety, good brain relaxant
  5. It helps to improve immunity improves energy levels and endurance of the body

Kingdom: Plantae


Botanical Name : Withania somnifera

Family: Solanaceae 

Kingdom: Plantae

Description: It is medicinal herbs height  2-3 inches. Branches of the plant are colored, Its fruits are in red color and these will be seen in winter or raining season. The root of this plant is smelling. It is overall beneficial for the whole body.


  1. It reduces the hyperglycemic index.
  2. It has some anticancer properties
  3. Reduce cortisol levels
  4. May reduce symptoms of depression as well as anxiety.
  5. Help with the learning memory and reaction time.


Shud Sheelajit

It is blackish-brown exudation get extracted from steep rocks of different formation found in mountains.

Benefits : 

  1. It helps to increase the testosterone level in the body .
  2. It reduces vata dosha and increases primary component fulvic acid which is a powerful anti oxidant help to prevent the nervous system.
  3. It helps to in sperm count.
  4. This is a natural health  remedy for anemia, chronic pain and  digestive disorder
  5. it help full in the destruction of the cancerous cell in the liver


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